About last year's event

in the land beyond the forests, also known as the land of Vlad the Impaler and the legends of Dracula.

The event: TCCONF 2.0

We did it! Transylvania Cryto Conference 2019 was a three day intense event with talks, panel-discussions and debates on Bitcoin. Joining us from over 20 different countries, our honorable speakers and quests made it all happen. Tcconf team thanks everyone, speakers,sponsors, partners, volunteers for their work and presence. As for the Organizers: We look forward to Tcconf 2020! See you in Transylvania!

Our vision

The Transylvania Crypto Conference is the first major crypto event organized in Cluj-Napoca, the largest city of the Transylvanian region, in west Romania. Cluj Napoca, the European Youth Capital of 2015, is a big technology hub, deemed by some “the silicon valley of eastern Europe”. The city hosts thousands of startups, several ICOs and has a rapidly growing curiosity towards Blockchain technologies.

Our vision is to educate people, bring them together and contribute to the already established “Smart City” status, by hosting this event, offering a variety of speakers, technical engineers, bitcoin professionals, cyber security professionals and business owners who give their perspectives on bitcoin and other blockchain technologies.


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Night Events


The 2019 Speakers

We had a mad list last year. Thank you all for coming!
Who spoke in 2019

Adam Back

Founder & CEO Blockstream

    Giacomo Zucco

    CEO of BlockchainLabit

    Bitcoin toximalist. Road minimalist. Free Speech advocate

      Peter Todd

      Bitcoin enthusiast and expert, consultant and leading developer related to cryptocurrency and blockchain software at Bitcoin Core


      Tone Vays

      Content Creator, Derivatives Trader & Consultant

      Dominic Frisby

      Financial Writer, Comedian, Actor

        Wassim Alsindi

        Founder Parallel Industries

        Cryptocurrency Analyst & Researcher, Founder Parallel Industries

          Michel Ketominer

          Cryptoanarchist, Bitcoin maximalist

          Cryptoanarchist, Bitcoin maximalist

          Felix Crisan

          Co-founder NETOPIA / mobilPay

          Travin Keith

          CTO at Consortio Group

          Advocate of Cryptocurrency, Open Source, and Freedom

          Veronica Mihai Das

          Founding Partner Bloomwater Capital

          Founding Partner Bloomwater Capital

            THEO GOODMAN

            Meme Consultant

            Chief of Memetics @proofofwork Blog: https://medium.com/@theog__

            Vlad Costea

            Editor at CryptoInsiderHQ

            PhD candidate in political philosophy, writer at Bitcoin Magazine.

            John Carvalho

            CCO at Bitrefill

            Roxana ‘The Hat’ Nasoi

            CCO Aimedis, Community + Technology Advocate

            Leader in business strategy with almost a decade of experience in modern technologies, entrepreneur, crypto investor, communi

              Max Hillebrand

              Open Source Entrepreneur ~ ₿itcoin Enthusiast

              Open Source Entrepreneur ~ ₿itcoin Enthusiast⚡~ Rothbardian Anarchist ~ Sound Money Agorist~ Pirate supporting

                Mike Patel

                Founder- LXMI.IO

                Founder- http://LXMI.IO, Bitcoin Evangelist

                Thomas ‘MadBitcoins’ Hunt

                Founder of the World Crypto Network

                Creator of the MadBitcoins show. Founder of the World Crypto Network. Spreading the word about Bitcoin since 2013.

                  Grace Rachmany

                  Distributed leadership coach/author.


                    Wasabi Wallet, CTO of zkSNACKS


                    The one and only

                    Best Rapper in the Cryptoshere

                      BTC Socialist

                      Replacing the State with Bitcoin, Lightning Ninja

                        Altcoin Sara

                        Founder Altcoin Buzz Ladies, Cryptocurrency analyst

                        Olga Ukolova

                        Co-Founder at Pandora Core

                          Nicholas Gregory

                          CEO CommerceBlock.com

                            Pavol Lupták

                            Paralelní Polis

                            Cryptoanarchist and Voluntaryist focused on technology and society hacking.

                              Maxim Orlovsky

                              CEO at Pandora Core

                              Maxim Orlovsky is a CEO and founder at Pandora Core AG, a Swiss company focusing on building scalable decentralized technolog

                                Federico Tenga

                                Co-Founder at Chainside

                                Bitcoin entrepreneur and consultant. Federico is co-founder and COO at Chainside, an Italian startup providing Bitcoin paymen

                                Rigel Walshe

                                Aspiring Cypherpunk

                                  Benoit Vo Van

                                  Ethereum Collateralized Debt Products & Derivatives Specialist

                                    Max Keidun

                                    CEO at Hodl Hodl

                                    Bitcoin multisig is good and you should feel Good

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