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Why sponsor TC Conf?

We are the first and only event that happens in the heart of Transylvania, so we believe that coming to our aid is not only a good idea but also a must.

TCCONF is showcasing a range of high profile speakers from the Bitcoin and Blockchain community discussing ideas, technologies and innovations.

Attendees will have the chance to meet and discuss with the speakers, get their professional insights first hand.

Benefits and perks of Sponsors and Media Partners:

  • Logo at the event on roll-up banners, promotional materials, and website
  • A big thank you from the community
  • A “fast registration” lane, so you can grab the best seats
  • A 30 sec announcement in the pub, to say whatever you want (Hiring? Launching a product? A good joke to share?
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Vampire party attendance
So if you would like to sponsor the Transylvania Crypto Conference, please register here.

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